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World's First Stainless
Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle

Why do cyclists have to put up with flimsy, plastic, smelly bottles?



That was the question that prompted the start of this project. At TK, we enjoy cycling a lot.


Some of the staffers are serious roadies, while others prefer tackling the trails.


Everyone seem to accept the norm when it comes to those ubiquitous cycling bottles.

We thought to ourselves, why don't we incorporate the technology we already have experience with, crafting our TK Camper line of bottles, and build ourselves a cycling bottle that actually works well?

 We learned a couple of things while studying the dimensions of all the cycling water bottles and bike cages on the market:

  • The diameter of all cycling bottles are pretty much uniform.  

  • The indentation of cycling cages and bottles are not uniform, but they all fall within a defined range.

With these parameters in mind, we set out to build the TK cycling bottle.


The gradual ridge near the top of the bottle fits all standard bike cages snugly.

Our bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel and incorporates vacuum insulation technology.


This prevents heat transfers and condensation from building on the outside of the bottle (sweating).


Vacuum insulation keeps cold beverages cold for 48 hours,

while hot drinks stay hot for over a full day.

We are pairing each of our cycling bottle with a straw lid and a coffee sip lid. We found that the straw lid helps keep a cyclist head facing forward when drinking on the bike.

Dimension: 9 1/4" x 2 7/8"


Volume capacity: 20 oz / 600 ml


Weight: 9 oz / 250 g

Tk Cycling Bottle Fits Any

Standard Bicycle Water Bottle Cage On The Market.

Finally Now You Can Take Your Ice Cold

Beverage Anywhere You Go!

Flipping up the straw lid on and off the bike is super easy.

You can do it one handed without taking your eyes off the road.

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